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What are the objectives of the SLC - system climate systems?

The SLC-system works within the framework of one complex solution ensuring the maintenance of a permanent comfortable climate in your home or office, the preparation of hot water for sanitary purposes, as well as heating and even cooling the water in the pool.

It is an innovative approach to an automatic system and the introduction of the SLC-system program developed by the company’s engineers will make climate control in your home easy and affordable, wherever you are, and will provide maximum efficiency and a significant reduction in the cost of maintaining your energy bills.

Maintaining a constant microclimate in the house, regardless of the time of the year, will reduce the influence of external factors on the health of family members, prevent dampness and increase the service life of the building, form a new understanding of cozy space and permanently change the perception of comfort

How is the SLC-system energy efficient and how does it save my money?

To date, climate systems based on a heat pump are the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly in the world. A heat pump produces heat not by burning gas or solid fuel, but by accumulating heat from the environment. Consuming 1 kW of electricity, the heat pump produces up to 5 kW of heat energy. This is 5 times cheaper than using an electric boiler, and 2-3 times cheaper than gas.

However, unlike  gas heaters, the heat pump is also capable of cooling the building in the summer. Our system adapts to a specific climatic zone, which allows it to be the most energy efficient and productive in comparison with existing programs, and hence achieves the optimum result at lower costs. Due to their high processability, the SLC-climate systems reduce initial installation costs and can also be integrated into existing traditional heating and cooling systems.

All components of the climatic systems have passed numerous tests and proved their reliability, safety and compliance with the highest standards required for European equipment.

What are the disadvantages of climate systems?

Existing climate systems are a product of technologies created at the interface of science and technology. Possessing a lot of advantages, they remain a conveyor, universal product, which leads to an increase in the costs of their installation and maintenance for the end user, not to mention that such systems are designed for energy consumption, and not for its conservation. Therefore you, will spend more, not save with existing systems.

Our goal in the development of the SLC-system is the adaptation of the most advanced engineering solutions to specific climatic conditions, which can significantly reduce costs, increase productivity and create a product with an ideal price-quality ratio. An individual approach to the solution of each problem excludes unreasonable costs and allows  an optimal cost solution.

Is it necessary to dismantle the existing heating system (radiators, warm floors) of the building to connect and install the climate system

As a rule, this is not necessary. The climate system SLC-system integrates perfectly into existing heating and water treatment systems. The task of cooling the house during the summer period is solved by installing additional equipment (fan-coils). However, it is necessary for one of our specialists to visit the place of the planned work in order to determine the expediency and consistency of future actions for achieving the most effective and economical result.

By what means do your systems preserve the environment?

The climate system of the SLC-system is absolutely safe for humans and the environment. For systems using a heat pump, a closed loop is characteristic in which the liquid circulates and converts heat into cold and vice versa. At the same time, only warm air is released into the atmosphere, and the source of the system’s operation is ordinary electricity. The system does not emit CO2, does not contain chemically dangerous components that can harm human life or health, while an undoubted advantage is a significant reduction in the cost of operating such systems in comparison with traditional solutions

Can I use the SLC-system for hot water preparation?

Certainly. To date, the most effective and cheapest way of preparing hot water for a residential house is a combination of a heat pump and a solar collector system. In this case, the cost of preparing Domestic Hot Water is reduced by 10-20 times compared to a traditional electric boiler and is less than 20 euros per person per year. To calculate the demand for hot water and determine the type of effective climate system specifically in your case, it is necessary to consult our specialist.

How soon will the cost of installing the climate system SLC-system pay off?

The answer to this question depends on the intensity with which the climate system will be used, whether the system will complement existing traditional solutions or will itself become the main climate-forming solution in your home. The introduction of a comprehensive solution – climate systems with intelligent control significantly improves efficiency and reduces operating costs, seriously shortening the payback period. Typically, the payback period of an automated system based on a heat pump is from 2 to 5 years.

What is the guarantee for the SLC-system

The guarantee for climate systems SLC-system is 3 years, for compressor equipment – up to 5 years. In addition, our company offers its customers a post-warranty maintenance .

How does the climate system of the SLC-system differ from the climate systems offered by competitors?

The complexity of the product, namely the automation of the latest climate solutions makes us a unique company. We carefully analysed the market and can with pride and confidence declare – none of the traditional, existing on the market climate systems can cope with the task in such a quality, efficient and economical way as a climate automated system SLC-system.

As a company focused on solving energy efficiency problems, we select and adapt all the components of the system, taking into account the individual characteristics of each specific object in a particular climatic zone, which allows achieving maximum energy efficiency at the lowest cost both at the installation stage and during further operation.

An important feature that distinguishes us from competitors is the availability of our own intelligent control programmes for each component of the system, which not only increases energy efficiency in general, but also allows the implementation of any individual scenarios of thermal comfort at the request of the client.