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SLC-system offers additional options for your home security improvement.

SLC — system considers the security issue to be essential in the smart home system. Advanced unauthorised entry detection systems. Personal control server, leak, smoke, gas and motion detection sensors create an intelligent alarm for your home at no additional cost.

Emergency call

There’s a button beside the bed for the activation of an alarm signal. Clicking when any incident is taking place can turn on the lights, raise the blinds, turn on the alarm sound signal, or call the police.

Connection of audio system

If unauthorised entry is detected a specially recorded signal or music at top volume will be turned on.

Using of available sensors

We can integrate any alarm system that is already operating into our system


In case of emergency the system will make a phone call and inform about the problem by itself.


If it’s getting hot in the room the system can draw down blinds and maintain comfortable temperature. Conversely, if it’s chilly in the room why not use the power of the Sun andraise the blinds a little.

Simulation of presence

Your home will remember what you were doing for a week and in case of a long-term absence will simulate the lights turning on and the blinds movement in an energy saving manner.