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SLC - system saves energy and money. When using alternative energy sources the system uses them as much as possible. There’s no need for you to think, everything will be done automatically.

Optimization of energy consumption

Maximum efficiency. The system will start the washing machine or dish-washer by itself using received solar energy alone.

Turn off everything

If you went to bed and forgot to turn off something - that’s not a problem. One click and the system will turn off all unnecessary energy consumers. And when you wak...


Your SLC-system Smart Home intelligently monitors your home’s current electricity consumption as well as your electricity production. You can view this information directly from your smartphone at all times.


Your smart home keeps the temperature constant, not only to keep you and your guests comfortable, but for energy-efficiency.


If it’s getting hot in the room the system can draw down blinds and maintain comfortable temperature. Conversely, if it’s chilly in the room why not use the power of the Sun andraise the blinds a little.

Good Night Mode

With the triple-tap of a switch, you can put your whole house into a night mode that saves energy.